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Nothing by chance

I just received a nice message from Sophia, the young lady who encouraged me to blog. She said she wanted to wish me a good trip and fair winds. A nice message indeed, but made even more meaningful because unbeknownst to Sophia, a friend of mine dreamt of my father last week. She said he was so happy, flying a biplane in heaven and helping others reconnect with loved ones. He had a message for me too. He said to tell me, “blue skies and fair winds”.

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  1. Nothing by chanced is right Summer… all is happening just as it should… a wonderful thing indeed!

  2. Well, what a timely chance (overdue!) encounter today – I accidentally packed my iPad with charts that I sent back to FL with all my reading on it…so popped for Alaska’s “gogo inflight wifi” and now have caught up on your early flying history! Love your blog, it’ll be a blast following your trip to Ohio. I feel a book opportunity coming on, too! Has the Prince yet met the Bonanza Princess yet? We’ll be in touch, and I’ll look forward to following your adventure which should be all the additional motivation I need to get MY tailwheel signoff! Take care!

  3. I remember going to see the movie Nothing by Chance at the theater. I found the usual crowd of airplane nuts there along with myself. I was sport parachuting at a place north of Bellingham then. Some months later I was elated to see Captain Macs Travel Air 4000 biplane, that was featured in the movie, land in a field by the rural highway as I was passing. A friend and I were on it. The next day we took turns jumping out of the Travel Air over Lynden airport. There ain’t nothin’ quite like lookin’ at a flying machine from the outside while you’re hanging on to it. Especially if it has two wings!! Enjoy your journey!!

    • Wow what a great experience Bob! I remember meeting Stu (Captain Mac) for the first time, and being a total Richard Bach nut, freaking out to meet one of the characters from his books. Captain Mac was such a gentleman, and he didn’t stop that engine on the Travel Air unless he needed fuel, and he kept flying until he’d flown the very last passenger. The ultimate barnstormer! That’s so awesome you got to jump from the plane. Of course you know that he was a skydiver for Bach, so you guys had the best possible pilot. Thank you for sharing, and the well wishes!


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