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A wing man!

Oh I am so happy that my friend Jerry has decided to come along with me to Ohio in his yellow Super Cub!  Having him come with is such a great addition to the adventure on so many levels.  Firstly, Jerry is someone I have always had a deep affinity for as a person and a pilot.  We have had sky ventures together in the past and it was such a wonderful experience.  Having the opportunity to share another one with him is just icing on an already fantastic cake.  Secondly, since Jerry has crossed the country several times in small airplanes, it will be a confidence booster to have someone with his experience and wisdom along.  I am always tickled when someone says, “why not?” to adventure.  It doesn’t happen often, people have their reasons for declining, and the reasons usually win.  Not Jerry. After he made it clear that he didn’t want to be a burden and I convinced him that I really wanted him along, he jumped right in.  I do so admire an adventurous soul…

Jerry and I discussed our intentions for the trip; no expectations, let each moment unfold and to be safe.  We also discussed our cumulative gear, and he offered to haul some of my stuff if needed.  He ordered all of his charts last night.  We will be getting together soon to nail down the details of our fuel stops and overnight airports.  Jerry’s  Cub cruises about 100 mph and he will have to throttle back for the Prince which is closer to 85 mph.  I told him to think about all of the fuel he will be conserving flying with slow poke me.  Another bonus to having Jerry along is that he is a notorious early bird.  I have given him permission to roust me out of my tent at the crack of dawn.  He’s ready to make some serious miles, and he offhandedly mentioned that we could probably easily do 700 miles a day.  Weather permitting, there shouldn’t be any reason why we won’t touch down at Moraine Field in Ohio two and half days after we leave Port Townsend.



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  1. And someone to snap pics aloft!! Great news.

  2. That wing man is my dad! He’s an awesome wingman – when he’s flying or not. 🙂 You will have an awesome adventure together, I can’t wait to read about it.

    • Ginger, there are so many great parts to this story but one of my favorites is getting to meet and hang out with your dad. He is a wonderful man and I so enjoyed chatting with, eating with and just sitting with him over the weekend. Such a joy!

    • Ginger, I also want to chime in to say how great it has been to meet your Dad. He is a wonderful, sincere, and caring guy, and the fact that he has made this adventure alongside Summer and Chrissy has been a big inspiration to me as well.

  3. Ginger,
    So glad and honored to have met your dad! Jerry and I had opportunity to share in conversation on more than one occasion and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Such a wonderful person!


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