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So many miles, so little time!

I simply cannot believe how fast the minutes and hours are zipping past.   Of course I am starting to feel the pressure of the myriad of details that need to be attended to before my departure for Ohio,  and the dern airplane is still in the shop!   If I ponder that fact too long, I can feel a pit of massive frustration building in my solar plexus so I try to flit off the subject.

And of course the days leading up to my departure are chock full of obligations, pilot exams to give and corporate flights in the Falcon.  The corporate jet schedule is dictating my departure date of August 9th.  I would so much rather leave earlier, but alas we have a trip in the jet that doesn’t return until the 8th.  My intent is to have the Student Prince packed, fueled and ready to roll at the crack of dawn on the 9th.  Weather permitting.  Just having to throw the caveat about the weather in sounds strange for mid summertime, but it has been the grayest, wettest summer here in the northwest.   I will be nowhere close to being prepared for the heat of the rest of the country.  Maybe I could get an ice lined flight suit?

So as the clock speeds along at an ever increasing rate,  the pressure cooker of preparing for this trip heating up and I do so wish I had a teenager to yell at, or a box of brownies to toss overboard!

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