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Back in the sky!

It was a perfect summer day here in the Northwest.  Blue, blue skies, a light northwest wind, and visibility forever.  After I received word that the Student Prince was finally airworthy after having a new fuel tank installed and its annual inspection completed, I insisted we drive straight from the coast to the hangar.  After a thorough preflight and much anticipation, my husband gave the prop a twist while I sat in the rear cockpit holding the brakes,  and the Kinner engine came to life.  So did the Prince.  I felt immediately centered, calm and happy as I taxiied out and marveled at how automatic every input is for me in that airplane.  I have been flying it for well over half my life, I guess it should be!

After rolling only a few hundred feet, the Student Prince leapt off the runway and seemed to be as happy as I to be flying again.  It ran perfectly, and I am still smiling.  Looks like everything is tracking for Ohio!

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  1. And we’re all smiling with you!!

  2. Thanks Nancy! So great to be sharing the fun with such wonderful folks as yourself. It really inspires me. I guess Mark Twain was right, people do enjoy showing off for other people, and I’m no exception. Not by any stretch! 😉

  3. I love how your words bring the prince to life. When I read your stories I feel like the prince is no different than Pumpkin or Tankha, a living, caring, breathing part of your life. And I am so glad to hear that you will be putting “Lady Summer” back on 🙂

  4. Summer,
    I finally got to read your blog this morning for the first time. I called in sick today so I had all the time in the world. Your trip will be fun to follow, as if I haven’t been following this ongoing adventure since the beginning. Thanks for the fun birthday dinner last night.

    Love, Mom


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