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Crossing paths

The magic of adventure and connection is alive and burgeoning and I have yet to point my compass east. The synchronicity of the timing involved with a “chance” meeting I had today still has me shaking my head in wonderment.

I had flown my trusty little Cessna 120 south to Olympia, Washington this morning to conduct a pilot exam. Upon the completion of the test, I was busy with administrative details on one of the flight school’s computers. Tucked into a side room, it would have taken a very observant person to notice I was even there, much less to note what I was looking at on the monitor. Nonetheless this is exactly what happened. A gentleman I had never met appeared over my left shoulder and said that he recognized what I was working on. He introduced himself as a fellow pilot examiner from Montana. He had just stopped in at Olympia in a Cessna Citation jet en route to Alaska. I asked him whereabouts in Montana he was based and he told me Billings. I did a mental review of our intended routing through Montana and our closest proximity to Billings. I told him about our planned odyssey and that we intended to stop at Laurel. He laughed and said that Laurel is actually exactly where they are from and that he just so happens to be the director of operations of Northern Skies Aviation at the airport. I couldn’t believe it!

His passengers showed up shortly after our brief exchange, but I made sure to give him my contact info as he was preflighting the jet. Later, I received a nice email from him after he had arrived in Juneau.

I am now looking forward to visiting with my new friend Kent in Laurel, Montana, showing him the Student Prince, and supporting Northern Skies Aviation by buying some avgas.

I had done some preliminary research on Laurel just yesterday, and it is a fantastic
little airport with a very busy general aviation scene, a great history, and every biplane pilot’s favorite, a grass runway!

Isn’t this great? I haven’t even left yet, and I’ve already added a new member to my sky family. This sets the perfect tone for the whole journey.

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  1. Sounds like a good start! I’ll be checkin’ here to see how you’re doin’. Be safe! Hugs…

  2. Synchronicity … I love when this happens — you know you’re pointed in the right direction!


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