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  1. The Mystery of the Marvel. Cool can, smells like red licorice and a few glug glugs in your fuel tank makes a Kinner engine happy.

  2. I had a dear friend and colleague who swore by this stuff. We worked and flew together for many years until his retirement. He completely rebuilt his cherry Comanche and soaked all the engine components in Marvel Mystery Oil. The stuff is truly magical because the new engine ran like a Swiss watch and never used a drop of oil, not even on the break in.

  3. We use LOTS of Marvel in the 220 Continental on our Stearman. We put it in the fuel and also in the oil at times. The Continental loves the stuff. A few times we’ve added a bit too much and the exhaust has a cool wintergreen smell. Have a great flight to OHIO!!!!!!!

    Marie Spear

    • Wintergreen! Now that’s the perfect description. I have been saying red licorice, but wintergreen is much more accurate. And don’t you love the art work on the cans? So 1930’s. I hear that haven’t ever changed their logo. And they shouldn’t! See you in Ohio Marie?


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