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The pressure gradient is building…

As a professional, life long procrastinator who has perfected the art of scattering my energy and doing anything but getting prepared for (fill in the blank)____, I recognize within myself the signs of my gathering focus at last.    Like an airplane pulling out of a dive at low altitudes at the last possible second and making it look purposeful and graceful, I should be used to my patterns by now, but as I’ve stated in the past, introspection is not in  my nature.    This blog has forced me to actually look at some ingrained patterns and they are bemusing to say the least.

Tomorrow I finally have a whole day in which to really start packing and organizing for the trip.  As usual, the Student Prince is ready.  It always seems to be this solid, reliable entity  patiently waiting in the hangar for me while I spin my wheels, yell at my husband, put my underwear on outside of my pants and finally climb aboard.  Oh man, I can’t wait for that prop to spin and the wind in my face.  Perhaps I’ll take a ceremonial box of brownies along to jettison when finally airborne.  Maybe I’ll let my passenger have the honors, I’m sure I’ll have driven her half mad by the time I harangue her over packing more than two pairs of socks.  “There’s no room! Can’t you wear them both?”  “Why is your face turning red? Don’t run away, you can throw the brownies overboard!

On the list to pack/do:

tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes (not too many), grease gun with extra cartridge, Marvel Mystery Oil, engine oil, cockpit covers, tie down ropes,  wheel chocks, rags, window cleaner, mount the borrowed handheld radio, take headset apart and put it together again with borrowed headset helmet, mount borrowed GPS, earplugs, sunscreen, airplane flight log, passenger log, camera, iPad, chargers for everything electronic, extra batteries for GPS , MONEY, CREDIT CARD~ (The first law of aerodynamics, money)

…..and then the cussing will begin in earnest when I start the seemingly impossible attempt at stuffing it all into the airplane.  This is where dogs and husbands suddenly find porches to go under, and expeditions to go on…I am not the most patient person, but I am not to blame, it’s hereditary.  Read my blog post: “Overboard” if you need proof.

Oh yeah, and then because the world will wobble off it’s axis if I don’t: Tell the husband how to water plants, feed the pets, pay the bills, drive the car and chew gum.  And, in case they are heartsick (they better be) with my oh so long absence I can’t forget to: Ride the horses, pet the dogs, and hug them all and tell them that they will all really survive (barely) without me.

Then there’s that very last pilot exam I promised to give, the two corporate jet flights still to be flown and the going away party at the airport being given in our honor by wonderful dear friends.  Did I mention that I am not bored?

Oh yeah, and I need to set up a firm appointment to have my artist extraordinaire paint “Lady Summer” on the cowling.  Hopefully he will use a quick drying paint.  Or I guess it can blow dry.



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  1. Jeanette Curry

    My dear Summer. You are amazing at everything you do. I love to read your writings. I have a feeling a book is in your future. I am so excited for this awesome adventure. Can’t wait to read more. I love you. ~ Jeanette.

    • Jeanette, I am so happy you ate enjoying my stories. You have always been one of my biggest supporters. I learned what being a loyal friend was from you. I love you dearly. Thank you for you.

  2. Well, Summer -when is your going-away party?
    Am I invited….I’ve already got a rose here in my hand!


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