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Less than 24 hours to launch!

The dogs have known for days now that something was afoot with me. They always do, it’s in their natures as any dog owner will attest. They have a sixth sense for what their humans are up to, especially when it come to departing for a trip. And my dogs not only have their doggy ESP, they have had it affirmed over the years with watching me drag my suitcase out to my car time and again, bid them farewell and return at random intervals. So it’s no surprise that three pairs of beady dog eyes have been following and monitoring my every move for about a week. But today, even the human species will be unable to miss my excited and anticipatory energy. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I awoke with the thought, “Tomorrow’s the Day!” And so it is. I have a whole slew of emotions: anxiety, happiness, overwhelm, and mostly a buzzing joy. Of course, there’s the last minute details to attend to. I’ve already farmed my two horses out to the neighbors who have a bigger pasture down the road with more grass for them to eat, and relieving my husband of haying duties. This morning I visited them, trimmed their hooves and kissed them goodbye. They were glad to see me and seemed happy in their new digs. I will now run around, pay some last minute bills, finish a pilot exam and then…….attempt the ever so challenging task of actually getting all of our gear IN the biplane. And arranging things in a logical order, making sure my charts are within easy reach, sunglasses are accessible, handheld radio is charged with the wires out of the way, that I don’t forget my purse or anything else and most especially, that I don’t forget the BROWNIES! Later on, it’s time to get a serious nitty gritty look at the weather forecast for tomorrow and communicate with Jerry and Chrissy about a proposed departure time when we’ll all rendezvous, top off the fuel, swing the prop and head east for an adventure filled with fun, love, connection and magic.


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  1. Have fun Summer!! Looking forward to reading your blog on your adventure. Take care and I love you girl!!!

  2. Look at those babies!!! Sure you can’t squeeze them in the front cockpit with Chrissy?? LoL
    Give them a kiss on the nose for me and tell them and your wonderful husband that we’ll take good care of you!!

  3. We are all excited to follow your progress as you head East! We will try and be patient as we wait for your “spot” to get moving! Enjoy your journey and know that there will be an enthusiastic welcome party ready to wave you and Chrissy in when you arrive!

    Kathie, Mike & Sophia Lucas

    • Jeanette Curry

      What a nice support system you Have Summer. I am just so darn excited that you get to fly with brownies in your plane too. YUM

  4. Sharon Tinkler

    Summer, will you be bringing the Prince to Blakesburg? We sure hope so.

  5. Hi Summer, hope you are enjoying all the lady tail-draggers this weekend. On your way home you should plan to attend Blakesburg, Iowa’s Antique Airfield for their Labor Day fly-in Aug. 31-Sept.5 where the Student Prince will waltz away with top honors. They are featuring the Monocoupe’s this year but your baby will wow everyone. Check out their website for details, you can join on the spot (invitation only but we invite you!) the ident. is IA27 on the Chicago sectional, just south of Ottumwa. I’ll be in the yellow Cessna T-50 Bobcat (Bamboo Bomber) with my husband cheering you on. “Lady Summer” belongs at Blakesburg – you will love it there.

  6. Summer, Elaine said it so much better than me! If time is an issue, we are aware that special airplanes can arrive and be hangared until the arrival days start. This year arrivals start the Wednesday before Labor Day, so that’s August 31st. The strip is N/S 2300 feet of slightly undulating grass. I will be there in a Red and white Luscombe 11A Sedan. My son will fly it up so that I can bring his disabled retired air line Dad in the car. Bill has been coming to Blakesburg for 40 years at least. I wish I could have been at LLT Moraine, and I am hoping that LLT will have a showing at Blakesburg this year. I have to warn you though: If you come to Blakesburg once, you might never not come again 🙂 Camping on the field with shower houses, Hy Vee market serves food all day every day, and the bar opens at sunset. Movies outside every night. Airplanes that will make the Student Prince say “Wow! I haven’t seen you in a LONG time. What’s up?”


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