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First night

Chrissy and I are tucked into our sleeping bags watching the rotating beacon through the tent walls and listening to a distant train. What an incredible first day. My husband decided he was married to the devil incarnate as I stressed and cussed over everything and anything while waiting for the fog to lift. It wasn’t until we were half way over the Cascades that it sunk in that it was actually happening and we were on our way. Our reception at both airports was so welcoming and helpful. Here at Felts Field we had the best time with Mark and Gail, two local pilots who own a gorgeous Cessna 195 and a cherry Cessna 175. They put on a fantastic steak grill at their hangar with local pilots and we brought dessert. Brownies! I read them the story of the pink shoebox and brownies and told them the origin of the brownies we fed them. They loved it. We are all looking forward to more visiting on the way home in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow, it’s an early start to get over the Rockies before the bumps. This is the best trip ever!

Chrissy says: for starters, it’s crazy to even think that I would even embark on such an amazing adventure and now that I’m here, I don’t look at the big picture I think of it as many little flights, meeting new people, I wonder what it’s going to feel like when we’re in other states. Even though I know I’m fully capable, the thought of propping the plane is still intimidating. Summer says I don’t have to, but I should. I’m having a blast! First off, riding in the biplane is an experience in itself, there’s something surreal about riding in an antique. Flying over the clouds, mountain peaks poking out. I get a kick out of people who say landings are scary. I love landing, like the landing coming in here today. It’s crazy to come popping in here of all places to meet great people and excited to learn that Gail trims her own horses feet like I do. I’m excited to go to places I’ve never seen. I’ve never been to Montana. I’m absolutely glad I came on this trip! I’m extremely tired, but happy.


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  1. Sweetie, It was great riding along with Rich in the 150 on the first leg of your journey. I can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful people you will be meeting along the way as well as the sights you will see. Your Greatest Fan, David…

  2. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!!! You go girls!!

  3. What a wonderful send off party! Keep pointing east and stay away from the pointy peaks. I’m very excited for you both!

  4. What a wonderful trip ladies..thanks for all the updates!

  5. I’m just absolutely lovin’ this!!

  6. Jerry,
    Tracking yr flight enviously. Looks like a great trip so far. Beautiful country.

    Ole finished cutting the hay this afternoon, all went well….. BTW he ‘found’ the disk buried in the tall grass by the wind sock on the first go-round. No problem.



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