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Three Forks, Montana

What gorgeous country! Sweeping valleys, meandering rivers, and endless rugged peaks.

The train going by last night in Spokane quickly lost its charm as we tried to sleep. The medivac helicopter flying over our tent also added to our sleeplessness. We were up and at em by 5:30, packed the planes, fueled up, had breakfast, flight planned and were airborne by 8. It was a gorgeous clear morning with smooth air. I chose to pop into Kellogg, Idaho to get a full load of fuel before heading into the mountains. Granny gas. Missoula for fuel and another pilot, Jesse in his Murphy Rebel came with us to Three Forks where we decided to call it a day. We were warmly welcomed and loaned a courtesy car. Great dinner, shared brownies with airport manager and tucked into our tents watching a lightening show to the east. Tired and happy.















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  1. Funny note about the trains, I was impressed you found them so endearing…I’d way rather fall asleep to lightning in the distance, as long as it’s in the opposite direction! Love the “granny gas”, another great term!!

  2. Awesome photos… the scenery is just gorgeous… I’m thinking you’ll have the northern half of the United States addicted to DLM Killer Brownies! I love it! What a great thing sprinkling brownies across your flight path! The Student Prince is pushing all the weather through ahead of you! Should be pleasant low 80’s when you arrive! Champagne is chilling!

  3. What a Wonderful Odyssey ! You all look Great ! Thanks so much for allowing us to come along for the Adventure via your Blog.


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