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Home, sweet home

Summer, Chrissy, Jerry, the Student Prince and the Cub are all home safe and sound with yet another exciting addition to their aerial adventures.  However, the Prince pilot and Blogstress is fatigued and needs to sleep.  Never fear, she will return refreshed with a full account of the final day.  In the meantime, she wants you all to know that being tired is the price to be paid for living a dream, and that it is worth it.  A thousand times over.


Until soon, Zzzzzz…..

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  1. Congratulations. Sleep, Summer, sleep. Thanks for sharing your dream with us!

  2. Of COURSE you’re exhausted but we’re glad you’re home safe and sated! You give new meaning to “tired” – I’m wiped out after 3 days flying the Seneca btw here and FL! Maybe you should bring the Prince down next winter! Ha!!

  3. I am glad you made the trip safe and sound. As I mentioned in an earlier comment I’m quite sure Richard Bach and his side-kick “Don Shamoda” are very proud of what an adventure the “Prince” and the J-3 took you and your companions on.

    Sleep well…….

    Frank “WOOF” Beagle
    Challenger Dealer CHII N797FB
    frankbeagle at
    ph# 708-269-8057

  4. Summer,
    It was a relief to see the familiar sight of the Prince in the sky over the airport. I couldn’t believe what good time you made on your last day. I thought I’s have all the time in the world to pick blackberries out behind the hangers before you got here but the next thing I knew- there you were looking tired, happy and sunburned. By the way, the berries could use another few weeks in the sun.
    Love, Mom

  5. Lets catch up in person soon. Love you. Glad you had a blast.

  6. Your family in Dayton, Ohio watched the last hour of flight to make sure you arrived. We are all proud of your accomplishment in making this wonderous trip and having the chance to meet and share our lives together. Sleep well….you deserve it.


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