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It might have appeared to go unnoticed….

…..but I’ve got it all here in my heart.

Every reader of this journal of mine, anyone who has shown more than a passing interest in our pursuit of adventure has sustained me and perpetuated my compulsion to share it. This has taken on a life and passenger load of its own, and is what compelled me, night after night, no matter how tired I may have been, to type the words to our latest chapter. Chrissy would lay snoring soundly in her sleeping bag next to me, but knowing that so many others were part of our trip, I would not rest until I had posted an update. I quickly realized that what we were doing was much bigger than the three if us, and that it represented so much to so many. So while we were in pursuit of our own adventure and rainbows, others were riding along with us and finding their own inspiration. It became a joyous responsibility for me to stoke the fires of dreams for all of us. And like the ignition system of an airplane, once the engine has started, there is no beginning and ending. Just a cycle of spark, intake, compression, power and exhaust. A cycle that continues indefinitely for as long as there is fuel and air. And like the ignition, I cannot claim that I was the impetus of the cycle, for once the engine of this began, I was just an integral part of a whole. The whole being a circle of inspiration that could not have burned so completely or efficiently without all of the elements present. Each one of us an integral element. Without you, the fire of this journey would not have burned so hotly. This adventure was you, me, us, we. You were as much an inspiration as we were for you, and we are honored to have captured your interest, your heart, your adventurer’s soul.

To the glimmer in your soul, no matter how deeply or shallowly it may lie, I dearly hope that your travels with us will inspire you to unearth your dreams and let them soar. And when you do, rest assured, you will not be alone. For we are all one, and our hearts will rejoice when we celebrate together what it is to be truly alive. We are born, we die, that is a certainty. What we do in between is up to us.


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  1. You touch my soul Summer!!

  2. At this point, the teaching gull says to the student gull, “You’ve learned well…”

    Never stop inspiring, Summer. That gift passed down from others to you is one so many need. Keep the momentum going.

    You’re an inspiration!


    • Jeanette Curry

      Summer, I have to agree with Ann. You have always been an inspiration to not only me, but Many through out your life. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge, your joys, your triumphs, your sorrows. Through your life & stories shared you have helped ignite alot of fires. xoxoxoxoxoxox


  3. Larry Southwick

    What a wonderful way to add a finishing piece to this epic journey.
    Thanks so much, it has been truly inspirational (as well as beautiful, interesting, challenging, 🙂

  4. I think I can speak for Susan and I…..we are greatful and excited to have been part of this wonderful story. You certainly have a way with the written word…go forward and write what will be a great inspirational book for the aviation community….young or old.

    Love Ya!

    Andy & Susan

  5. Dwain Rosanelli

    Summer; Loved every word of your adventure. I felt like I was reading my first adventure story. I felt as I were along. Thank you for keeping the post going even that you were kinda busy (smile). Wonderful experience even from this end! What an Adventure!

  6. Tough to follow up on an awesome post like that. I have no cleaver comments. You really need to write that book. Your insight on how others feel is on the spot, at least for me. Your adventure is an inspiration to many of us. Maybe a forgotten dream is not totally lost.

    • Steve, never forget your dreams lest you neglect your soul. I am here to tell you, that when you actively pursue that which makes your soul sing, you will know what it is to feel alive. As Jimmy Buffet so aptly wrote, “I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.” Or as Mr. Bach so succinctly wrote, “Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they’re yours.” I say to you, and everyone else who may be keeping a dream in the recesses of “someday” to kick the tires and light the fires!!! If not now, then when?

      • Cynthia Florsheim

        Your words really resonate with me!!!! I wrote you before about my aunt that flew in the early 30’s. Well, now I am filling (virtually) my dream. I have many friends that are so negative. I have a affirmation that I say each morning. I AM STRONGER THAN MY OBSTACLES. I am a 65 year old grandmother and I walk with a cane. I am just a plane nut. You should have seen me after 3 men lifted me into a biplane at Rockford Airport. I still feel the excitement and see my smile! It’s my turn and I’m NOT TOOOO OLD TO HAVE A DREAM. When my friends ask me how I am I say great….I woke up this morning and I’m alive because of my passion for many things….especially, aviation.

        Blue skies to you,
        Cindy Florsheim

  7. Dan Tarasievich

    Way to go girl! It was a pleasure following your journey and has inspired me.


  8. Inspiration sounds a lot like a radial Kinner engine? I couldn’t agree more in this case. The mixture was set on rich for all of us, thanks for being the spark to ignite it.

  9. I enjoyed every hour, every word, and every pixel!!

  10. Unnoticed? No way! I’ve flown between Seattle and Florida many times, relatively cocooned from the elements inside my very comfortable Seneca and the 182 before that; my nights were spent in actual hotel rooms unwinding from my exhaustion at the end of those long flying days. So every time I read one of your en-route blog entries, knowing that it was being created after another fun – but, let’s face it, somewhat arduous and energy sapping day of flying low and slow with the wind in your face….I MORE than knew that your appreciate for all of us out here did NOT go unnoticed! Your loyalty to all of us who participated in the vicarious thrill of your trip was more than apparent and appreciated! Thanks for the generosity and inspiration of your shared words..they just may be partly responsible for me finally committing to my long-awaited climb up Mt. Rainier next summer!!

  11. I feel fortunate to have caught your blog about the time you started your trip. I was also one of the people anxiously waiting to read how the day went. I live in CA now but have flown in the northern plains and upper Mississippi valley. Your blog brought back my own memories and a desire to take a similar trip some day.

    I took a 12 year break from flying and got current again this past June. Your story reminds me to remember the reason why rather than why not to keep flying. I don’t know if you will post more but please leave these posts so others may find inspiration years from now.

  12. Summer you are the most amazing person I’ve ever known. This has been the greatest adventure for many of us it’s pretty obvious. It’s been filled with laughter and tears too. I’m so glad my daughter was fortunate enough to experience this memorable event with you. And really you do write beautifully. A good book like you said. When you finish you kinda wish you hadn’t and wonder what can you read now because nothing could even come close to what you just got done with! I can hardly wait! J.P.Patches has finally taken a backseat. And he timely retired just this week. Gracious clown. Much Love

  13. Cynthia Florsheim

    I subscribed to your blog on aug.11,2011 and now sure if I have to subscribe again. I only received it one time. Your writing is fabulous! It’s positive and encouraging words make me feel like I’m really flying!
    I contacted Andy Heins about my Aunt Vicky. I may have to send him another email. Anyway, thanks for your interest.
    I will send you a picture of her and a list of her accomplishments.

    Up in the air would be so good,
    Cindy Florsheim


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