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On the cover of the General Aviation News!

I am so honored to have had an article about our adventure written by the mega talented pilot and journalist, Meg Godlewski of General Aviation News! She shot some aerial photos of Chrissy and I in the Prince while formation pilot extraordinaire, Mike Weinfurter did a fantastic job of flying the photo ship. One of the photos is featured on the cover.

Here is the link it’s page 16:

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  1. Mike Weinfurter

    Congratulations Summer! Both you & Crissy are great people! You deserve the cover. Been there myself in Sep. ’09. Didn’t know they were gonna do that. You fly a really good wing. Wouldn’t take you long to get formation qualified at all. Great little airplane! I could get hooked on living out there real easy!

  2. Congrats on the cover!!! great article too!

    Will never forget my first flight in a biplane, the student prince. First time I wished I was born in an earlier generation…

    Bob Petersen


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