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Boredom is boring

“Boredom is no longer an option.” I heard her say after she had told me that her excuses for not seeking and experiencing life full on seemed just plain ridiculous. I was listening in astonishment to my friend, who like most of us, had let fear of the unknown and an aversion to imagined risk stop her from chasing life down and living it full on. Being fully aware that she was allowing her dreams to be quelled before they even saw the light of day was tormenting, and it perpetuated her sense of resignation and hopelessness. Fully aware of her paralysis yet unable to move beyond it fed a sense of self loathing which kept her frozen.

And then, an opportunity presented itself. An opportunity abundantly ripe with potential and potentially fraught with risk. And someone asked her point blank, “Why don’t you?. She promptly broke out the tried and true, the automatic laundry list of excuses, reasons and can’ts. But this time, she heard herself, and suddenly the reasons were insignificant and puny. Silly trifles she had given her power, her life to for so long. So she kicked those so very logical, so very responsible, so very reasonable reasons square in the teeth and said yes, yes,YES!!! to real and imagined risk, yes to adventure, yes to her soul. The prison cell disguised as “security” has been breached, her spirit vibrating with the ecstasy of freedom. She has found herself again, and there is no going back.

It has been my experience that souls who decide to cast off the chains of fear disguised so cleverly as responsibility, maturity, conformity, safety etc. recognize one another and are drawn together as magnets are to steel. My friend is already experiencing this. Dreaming vividly and in full color, she is having conversations with a tall woman named Amelia Earhart. Expressing her delight at meeting Miss Earhart, the famous aviatrix replied with a smile to my dear friend, “I have been wanting to meet you too, but you didn’t want to talk to me last year.”

What is it you may ask that my friend has said yes to? What opportunity was so compelling that it knocked her excuses and reasons flat? Like the kid who has climbed tremulously up the seemingly stratospheric ladder to the high dive for the first time and stood frozen in fear trying to muster the courage to step into the void, she has done so and taken that step. But unlike most, content to fall in a straight line into the water to emerging seconds later spluttering at the surface and transformed, delighted to find that they are alive and that it was SO FUN stepping into the void, that they can’t wait to climb the ladder again, my sky sister has stepped into the void to perform a somersault, a full twist and a swan dive. Breaking from her “safe” routine of flying locally to the same airports within a 150 mile radius, she will be flying her single engine airplane across the Atlantic to Europe and back this summer. That’s all. I guess she has a lot of bottled up dreams. And boredom is no longer an option.

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  1. Haha, I know that girl!! Pretty amazing turn of events for someone who’s had all the skills and ability, but not the confidence, all along!!

  2. Do tell – where is she headed for in Europe? Inquiring minds (who might have a few pointers) want to know…..8o)

  3. Hello! I met you at Landmark over the weekend. This looks like quite the adventure. My husband and I took a ride in a relatively similar type of plane, a Waco, while in Kauai last January. It was the highlight of our vacation. Best wishes to you in all of your endeavors.

  4. member that argument you had with old Burt about getting that 170 out of Easten during a NE shoot. Trees pretty close 🙂


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