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I plan on fulfilling a lifelong dream of flying across the United States and back in my biplane. A 1931 Student Prince, N10686 one of only three factory built Student Princes ever made by Aircraft Builders Corporation on Swan Island, in Portland, Oregon. My Student Prince was the third and last one produced. With a speed of 85 mph. and 1700 nautical flying miles one way from Port Townsend, Washington to Moraine Field in Dayton Ohio, it’s sure to be an adventure of a lifetime!

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  1. Well if you find yourself wandering across Illinois be sure to stop in Kankakee k3kk to be more specific. Grass runways and free tie downs. Will even get you into town for the night if you want. I have always wanted to do exactly what you are doing. Have a great trip

    • Why thank you kindly Steve! It sounds like biplane heaven, and with good company to boot. I very well may have to take you up on that. I’ve been wanting to meet you and your family since we’ve become Facebook friends. I’m going to look up Kankakee now and see if it’s somewhere close to my intended route. I”ll be in touch!

  2. Kathy Jeromchek

    Hello: Will your plane be at the Port Townsend airport when you return? One of my young boys is very insterested in biplane’s and I would love to bring him by to see. We just live in Port Ludlow.


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