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Chrissy’s impressions

What an amazing way to see our beautiful country. Flying over state after state in an antique biplane makes it all seem so much more majestic. I can see the true beauty from my vantage point. Something taken for granted when traveling on the ground in a modern vehicle.

I’ve always wanted to visit Montana and have thought I would fit better somewhere like it. I am now seeing much of this great state from a wonderful bird’s eye view. Amazing place it is. Huge, open, green hills, big sky to name a few. Camped in Three Forks last night and fell in love with it’s western charm, long gravel country roads, old homesteads, green hayfields, windy rivers, and wonderful history.

To back track to the beginning of our trip, flying high above the clouds over the Cascades. Although somewhat anxiety inducing, it was majestic in a fairy tale kind of way. Sitting over puffy clouds that don’t even make you think of clouds, more like a soft white rolling sea. Sharp mountain peaks looking like a mountain protruding from this white sea. I kept waiting to see a unicorn racing alongside us!


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  1. It’s so amazing and I’ve never seen anything like it! I have to say this is what flying is all about. It looks like you aren’t all that high above the clouds.xoxo

  2. Now you know what an Angel feels like.

  3. Marilyn Melton

    Chrissy — I keep following you two. The front page of the Leader was all about your trip and the plane. Javan was here Monday (without you — looking a bit lonely) and he showed me how to track you. Keep on being remarkable! Marilyn (and Sam)


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