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My father, Flyin’ Bryan

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  1. Reading about your experiences with your father makes me happy. I, too, have a daughter, Danika, and about your age, too. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, with hubby and two sweet (grand) kids. A while back she called to tell me she wanted to learn to fly and wanted me to teach her! When she was little I would take her and her sister, Krista, flying with me. At first it was exciting, then it was boring, then, no, no thanks, they didn’t want to go. Now, Krista is scared to death of flying… (deep psycho-thoughts). So, imagine the thrill for me when Danika said she wanted me to teach her to fly! She’ll be here next summer and we’re going to fly every day for a month. Then I’m to call you to see if you will give her a check ride! I am really excited! I really don’t know why she has decided to learn to fly (she has a PhD in biology and works for Health Canada evaluating new drugs–happy father’s brag–so she’s not looking for a new line of work), but I can’t wait to share a cockpit with her. We’re going to fly my little Cessna 140, Miss Flame-O. I hope you will share your adventures with her. We only live once and only get one chance to fulfill our dreams–even if it takes a lifetime of dreaming! So here’s to your dreams, my dreams and two wonderful daughters!

    Happy Flying!


  2. Summer! Bill Giordano here- from Tillamook, OR, back in the 80’s..Your dad and i went barnstorming in the Student Prince just before you came to live with him.. We flew across Oregon and Washington. I would parachute out of the Student Prince, attract potential riders and your dad would hop rides ’till we ran out of daylight. He was so anxious to do that with you; talked about it often. Look me up:
    Bill Giordano on FaceBook

  3. I just posted a clip of Flyin’ Bryan that I shot when he was barnstorming in Tillamook with Bill Giordano. Here’s the link:


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